Tommaso Bianco

Advanced understanding of data analytics techniques and emerging forms of AI. Expertise in building streaming data platforms that support virtualization, scale and performance. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the UPMC Paris and a MS in Engineering from University of Padova.



Engineering: Real-Time Event Processing, NoSQL, DevOps, Micro-Services, REST Web Services, Containers, Reactive Programming.

Analysis: Time Series Analysis and Forecasts, Recommendation systems, Anomaly Detection.


Ph.D. Computer Science, Telecommunication and Electronics

UPMC Sorbonne Université, IRCAM UMR9912, Edite doctoral school, Paris, France

Thesis Advisors : René Caussé, Frédéric Bevilacqua

Thesis Title : Gestural control in trumpet performance: experiments and modeling


M.Sc. ATIAM Master Sciences and Technologies

UPMC Sorbonne Universities - Telecom ParisTech - IRCAM, Paris, France

2006 - 2007

Informatics Engineering Degree

DEI, University of Padova, Italy

2000 - 2006

Awards / Grants

COST - European Short-Term Scientific Missions

European funded Short-Term Scientific Missions COST-IC0601


France's Ministry of higher education grant

EDITE de Paris doctoral school


Google Summer of Code

Open Source Code Project grant


Teaching and tutoring

Statistics for big-data

ECE Paris


Artificial Intelligence for Finance

ECE Paris


LI328 "Technologies Web"

Service-oriented Web applications, UPMC Sorbonne Universities


LI213 "Types et structures de données"

Data structures and Algorithms, UPMC Sorbonne Universities


LI314 "Programmation par objets"

object-oriented programming with Java, UPMC Sorbonne Universities


Internship co-advisor


student: Samuel Moulin, Master Acoustique et Mécanique de l'universite du Maine, France
subject: simulation of oral airflow profiles in trumpet performance using breath-stream and oral modeling

LI101 "Programmation récursive"

functional and recursive programming with scheme, UPMC Sorbonne Universities


Scientific literature

The Role of Sound Source Perception in Gestural Sound Description

B. Caramiaux, F. Bevilacqua, T. Bianco, N. Schnell, O. Houix, and P. Susini, ACM Trans. Appl. Percept. 11, 1, Article 1 (journal paper)


Measures of facial muscle activation, intraoral pressure and mouthpiece force in trumpet playing

Bianco T., Freour V., Cossette I.,Bevilacqua F., Caussé R., Journal of New Music Research (journal paper)


Gestural Embodiment of Environmental Sounds: an Experimental Study

Caramiaux B., Susini P., Bianco T., Bevilacqua F., Houix O., Schnell N., Misdariis N., NIME, Oslo, Norway (conference paper)


Effects of coarticulation in mimicry of tone production

Bianco, T., JJCAAS, Paris (conference poster)


Mimicry of tone production: results from a pilot experiment

Bianco T., Wanderley M., Bevilacqua F., Sound and Music Computing conference, Barcelona, Spain (conference poster)


Coordination of facial muscle activation, intraoral pressure and mouthpiece force during trumpet playing: Preliminary findings

Freour V., Bianco T., Cossette I., Bevilacqua, F., Causse R., 3rd Music and Gesture Conference, McGill University, Montreal (conference abstract for presentation)


On gestural variation and coarticulation effects in sound control

Bianco T., Freour V., Rasamimanana N., Bevilacqua F., Causse R., Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Gesture Workshop 2009, Bielefeld, Germany (conference paper)


Parametric modeling of gestural coarticulation effects in music performance

Bianco T., Freour V., Rasamimanana N., Maniatakos F., Bevilacqua F., Extended Abstract for Gesture Workshop 2009, Bielefeld, Germany (conference poster)


Toward a complete open source software environment for the creation of interactive poly-artistic works

Donikian S., Delerue O., Clenet G., Bianco T., International Computer Music Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark (conference paper)


Internships / Visiting research

IDMIL, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


short term scientific mission on COST IC0601 Action

Ircam, Paris, France


6 months internship for the ANR project Conceptmove, supervised by Olivier Delerue and Olivier Warufsel

CAPS-IST, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal


6 months internship for the master thesis in room acoustics simulation, supervised by Giovanni De Poli, Diogo Alarcao and Bento Coelho

Organization / Coordination

JJCAAS 2010 (Journées des Jeunes Chercheurs en Acoustique, Audition et Traitement du signal)